Screen Reading or Paper Reading

Here’s an UK survey stating that young people prefer screen reading with ‘52% preferred to read on screen compared with 32% who preferred print, with the remainder having no opinion or preferring not to read at all’.

Young people ‘prefer to read on screen’

Personally, I still prefer to read from physical paper.

Though it is more convenient and environmental-friendly to read via computer, tablet, smartphones and so on, print reading would give you more individual reading experience.

While turning over pages, you have already left your own traces on that particular book. Underlines of beautiful sentences, remarks among margin, dog ears, perfume smell, or even coffee drops would recall your abundant memories. To own physical books enables you to exchange good books to friends as well as your personal traces and memory along with the books. It is also an enjoyable journey when you thinking of the stories of which slight stains left by former readers on pages. All of these are experiences besides the book itself. From this perspective, screen only provides contents and metal-coldness.


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